Step 1:  Register Your Interest

  1. Call us at (949) 254-7982
  2. Email us at

We can discuss your property requirements with one of our local agents. Rest assured we can find what you’re looking for.

Step 2:  Qualifying for a home mortgage loan

It is advisable to arrange your finances and, if required, have a mortgage agreed in principle. This will confirm how much money you will have to fund the purchase, which will ultimately influence your property search. It is also customary for listing agents to require a pre-approval letter with an offer. Our recommended mortgage specialists have access to exclusive deals and wholesale rates to help find the best mortgage available.

Step 3:  Home Previews

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements you will receive a selection of properties that match your criteria.

We are open at times to suit you, convenient for viewing after work and at weekends. Our offices are open 8am-7pm Monday to Friday, and our agents are showing properties 7 days a week.  We will escort you throughout each preview so that we are on hand to answer any questions immediately and advise where necessary.

Step 4:  Making an Offer

Once you have identified a suitable property we will put your offer forward to the seller both verbally and in writing stating any special conditions of the offer. You may need to demonstrate, if requested, that you are able to proceed (e.g. provide pre-approval letter,earnest money deposit, proof of funds).

Step 5:  Accepted Offer

Once your offer is accepted we will do the following:

  1. Prepare a memorandum of sale
  2. Write to all parties to confirm the agreed price
  3. Ask you to confirm your solicitor’s and mortgage broker’s details
At the time escrow is opened between both parties,  you will usually be required to present a deposit of 1% of the purchase price to be held in an escrow account until closing. The contract plus the deposit will then be forwarded to the seller for signature.


Step 6:  Move In

At closing you wil be given set of keys. Congratulation, you can now move into your new home!


Contact us to find out more about buying your home or investment with Dedicated Realty Group!