Step 1:  Register Your Interest

  1. Call us at (949) 254-7982
  2. Email us at

*Please be prepared to provide an outline of your criteria.

Step 2:  Qualification

Be prepared with and ready to discuss the following:

  1. Salary verification
  2. Guarantor letter (if not using personal income)
  3. Personal identification with photograph (driver’s license or passport)
  4. Bank account information (checking and savings)
  5. Names, addresses and phone numbers of previous landlords
  6. Names, addresses and phone numbers of personal and business references
  7. Last 2 years tax returns
  8. Most recent pay stubs
  9. Additional sources of income with verification
  10. Pet information/pictures

Step 3: Preview Available Listings

Based on your criteria, we will provide suitable listings for you to view.

Step 4: Submitting An Application

Once we have identified a suitable listing, we will then communicate/submit an application.

Step 5: Application Accepted

If your application is accepted:

  1. Be prepared to sign the lease.
  2. Prepare certified checks payable to landlord/property management company for payment of first month’s rent and security deposit (The amount of security that will be required is determined by the qualifications of each applicant)
  3. The deposit will be held in an interest bearing escrow account for the duration of the lease (The deposit will be fully refunded at the end of the lease provided there is no damage to the property and all rent has been paid)

Step 6: Move In

Congratulations! You can now move in!!